The Answer To Vaginal Infections

By Michael Biamonte, C.C.N.

If you have been in and out of your doctor’s office with chronic yeast infections without finding out why or what to do to get rid of it once and for all, there is an answer. If you have been told that the itching and burning you felt were not really there, that was false. If a doctor accused you of doing unsanitary things to cause your infections that doesn’t have to be true. You may have noticed other strange symptoms, like reactions to foods and drinks, mood changes, extreme fatigue, a foggy lack of concentration, depression and many other symptoms during a vaginal flare up. If a doctor told you they have nothing to do with each other he was wrong. The odds are most of what you suspected on your own about the whole subject of your vaginal infections is true. Lets first understand what is normal and what is not

It is considered normal for a small amount of white or grayish semi-solid material to be passed from the vaginal opening. This is the result of the normal breakdown and repair of cells in the cervix and the vagina. A watery or mucous like secretion from the cervix should occur in response to sexual stimulation. During ovulation the discharge may be bloodied. This is normal.

A white, creamy white or yellow mucous like discharge indicates an infection in either the vagina, cervix, endocervix or endometrium. The discharge may be frothy and cottage cheese like in the case of many yeast type infections. A very foul discharge is common in bacterial infections, or when tampons or contraceptive devices are left neglected. A watery mucousless discharge sometimes occurs in malignancy of the upper genital tract or from radiation therapy. Sometimes it can be caused by abnormal narrowing of the cervix or endocervix.

During childhood or after menopause the vaginal mucus is thin and lacks proper amounts of friendly bacteria which inhibit the growth of the infection causing bacteria. Also, the mucous lining carries an immune boosting substance which protects us from infections. If this was all there was to the story women in their active reproduction years would not be plagued with vaginal infections.

In adults, the vaginal discharge is mostly caused by an infection in the lower reproductive tract. Trichomonas, candida, Gardnenella, E-coli, staphylococci, streptococci and intestinal parasites are common causes. Other venereal infections may also cause the problem. Lower estrogen levels have been known to promote the growth of streptococci, staphylococci, coil form bacilli and diphtheroids all can cause chronic vaginal infections.

Candida infection is very common today. Years ago it was thought to occur in only diabetic and pregnant women. However, due to the incorrect treatment of vaginal yeast infections with antibiotics, cortisone and due to oral contraceptives which stimulate the overgrowth of yeasts, Candida has risen to be a household word. It is also called monilia.

It may begin with an external itching, redness or swelling of the vulva. At times, burning and pain can be so bad as to interfere with walking. A whitish, non bloody discharge, either light or heavy, watery to cottage cheese-like is common. It will smell like vinegar or yeast. Pain during intercourse is a very common sign. If you had it chronically, the symptoms will worsen 1 week to 10 days prior menses.

Candida is a sneaky organism. While it is a yeast, it can change forms and become a fungus. As a fungus it grows into a plant like structure, digging into your cells to find food. Women have described it as ‘having plants growing in there’.

In the fungus form it is sometimes less noticeable but will cause hundreds of symptoms not generally thought of as being connected to a yeast infection. In the yeast form it is easier to control. Antibiotics may reduce the infections for a short time only to have it come back with a vengeance.

Many doctors have failed to diagnose candida due to the fact that it often is found with other bacteria. When candida is present other infection causing bacteria have been known to grow and cause infections. Studies show that injecting animals with small amounts of candida along with small amounts of staph or strep will cause a huge infection. When animals are given much larger doses of staph or strep with no candida, infections or symptoms were much less. This may have happened to you. If so, proper diagnosis was missed. The medical profession is so lost on how to handle your problem that on television we now see ads for creams and other anti-yeast medication. This is their way of trying to cope with the floods of women who are not permanently helped.

Proper treatment and diagnosis of candida albicans is essential in helping you. You can get better and get rid of the condition. It is being done on a daily routine basis in my office, but proper diagnosis and treatment are essential. (Refer to my previous articles, ‘DETECTION OF CANDIDA’ and ‘CAN CANDIDA BE CURED’ for more information.) Tests to determine all the possible harmful and helpful bacteria in your bowel are important so we know who and what we are attacking. A special blood test called a CANDISPHERE is said by the FDA to be 88% to 94% accurate for detection of candida. Other blood tests may not be as accurate.

Once the enemy is identified, it can be destroyed by using any of the 40 or 50 non-toxic, natural substances which have been assembled into the modern protocol by myself and Dr. Scott Gregory O.M.D. I choose 4-5 for the patient based on the test we have done that will work the best on the exact type of candida or other bacteria found. When we have the person take these they are taken on a rotation. The patient takes only one for 4 days then stops it and switches to the next one. After 4 days on this new substance it is discontinued and a new one is begun in the same manner. After all have been taken, we then start over with the first one and continue through (organisms cannot build up a resistance to the remedies when they are switched like this). This is done until we have reduced the infection. Then we use a separate program to rebalance the intestinal flora and cleanse the bowel, liver, kidney and digestive tract. After this, a new program is used to normalize the patients metabolism and bring their energy up to normal. When this is done we rebuild the immune system. This the logical sequence to put the patient through. Stimulating the immune system first has been to cause an increase of certain viral and pathogenic bacteria which will worsen your health (see foot note). Trying to detoxify you while the organisms are still alive with colonics, enemas etc., will make you feel better but the infection will return in full force in a few weeks or months. Why? Because these organism travel through your body. They ‘nest’ in the bowel but go on vacation in other parts of your body and may take up residence there. When they return home they will set up their nest again. Also many of them bury themselves deep into the cells of the bowel and enough of them will remain to resume their lives and your discomfort once the cleansing is over.

I have found after 5 years of getting moderate success with other approaches that this approach makes the most sense, and since I have gotten the best results with chronic yeast infections (and other problems of this type) in patients who have been to every practitioner I have ever heard of and are still relapsing, no one will dare argue that this is not the fastest and best route to take. Mainstream medicine has only creams and toxic, potentially damaging drugs to offer. Most will harm you before they totally kill your infection. However, since mainstream knows nothing about intestinal cleansing, vitamins, immune stimulating herbs their patients will never got well. If they do I’d consider it a fluke.

Chronic yeast infections are not to be taken lightly. We have seen women who had numerous allergies to chemical and environmental sensitivities, inflamed bowels, irritable bowels, spastic colons, infertility, loss of sexual desire all caused by this condition. Many skin problems in men and women have been linked to this condition. Hundreds of people have reported skin problems such as acne, psoriasis, eczema etc. have cleared up upon eliminating this condition. We have found many men to have prostitis, bloating, gas, jock itches and rashes all due to yeast infections. At this writing, every asthmatic patient we have tested has been found to have candida overgrowth. Those who have completed their programs have reported an amazing reduction in the asthma.

Don’t take this problem lightly. What seems like a vaginal infection today can result in chronic ailments in a few years from now. There is an answer, you can be helped, but only if you are willing to see it through and understand the nature of the problem. There is no easy way out. Beware of Doctors who say there is no such thing as candida. This is a bold lace lie and display of ignorance. Much of the data in this article comes from the medical journal’s your own doctor subscribes to.

What you have suspected about your vaginal infection may all be true and not in your imagination. You probably have been running in different directions trying to understand and handle the problem. The good news is that there is an answer and solution to the problem. I wish you well.