Using DNA testing to Understand Your Body’s Genetics and Nutritional Needs

Changing your future by learning from your genetic history.

The genetic material of all living things is made of up of the molecule Deoxyribonucleic acid-more commonly known as DNA. Amazingly, the DNA of any two individuals is 99.9% identical. So what makes us different from each other? The crucial one tenth of one percent (0.1%) difference between one person’s DNA and another’s lies in the small but unique variations called “Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms,” or “SNPs” for short. A small variation in SNPs can help identify genetic predispositions; an individual can use this information to maintain heart health and bone strength, for example.

A genome is the total sum of an organism’s DNA, genes and chromosomes. Genomics is the systematic and simultaneous study of multi-gene systems, such as those found in humans. Integrative Genomics™ is a practical application of this kind of study-a screening designed to identify areas of the Human Genome that may not be functioning efficiently. The screening and analysis provide your healthcare practitioner with an improved understanding of your specific body processes and pathways that may not function at their best.

Integrative Genomics provides a scientifically well-established method of understanding your unique physiological make-up. Virtually 100% of health conditions are affected by genetic makeup. Integrative Genomics enables you and your healthcare practitioner to focus specifically on the areas that need attention for you to achieve maximum health and longevity.

Accurate genetic information has never been so easy to obtain.

The Integrative Genomics™ DNA screening starts with a comfortable, easy-to-do mouth swab to collect a DNA specimen. Either you or your healthcare practitioner gently swabs the inside of your cheek, then allows the swab to dry in the drying rack that is included with the collection kit. The dried swab is then placed in a special envelope and sent to our lab for analysis. Your healthcare practitioner will receive the results of the screening in about six weeks, at which time he or she will help you create a tailored strategy to suit your individual needs. You may also elect to have results sent directly to you.

The Integrative Genomics screening process respects the privacy of every individual and has taken many precautions to create a process that allows individuals to maintain the highest level of confidentiality. All information provided by the individual taking the screening is kept on a secure server and all samples are identified by barcode only. This information is never shared with a third party. After the evaluation is completed and validated, all DNA sample material is destroyed.

Additionally, many healthcare practitioners give patients the option of either having the results kept in their permanent medical record, or of having all copies of the results given directly to the patient for disposal as he or she sees fit.

Personalized Healthcare Solutions Tailored to Meet Your Needs.

The Integrative Genomics™ DNA screening affords you an unprecedented opportunity to take charge of your health. The screening results are sorted into three categories, which are color coded to simplify interpretation. The screening results, used in conjunction with the Lifestyle Questionnaire, will enable your healthcare practitioner to recommend the best way for you to achieve and maintain optimal health without having to rely on family history alone in determining what the future might hold for you.

Making Science Work for You.

The Integrative Genomics™ DNA screening provides a highly sophisticated scientific analysis of one’s unique genetic profile. A swab is gently rubbed in your mouth to collect a sample of genetic material. The sample is then sent to our lab for analysis.

The lab analysis focuses on the occurrence of relevant SNPs. Pronounced “snips,” SNPs are small but common natural variations in human DNA. Each person has several million SNPs that account for the wide variations seen in the spectrum of human appearance and physiology. Our screening tests for those functional SNPs that serve as predictable markers for evaluation of genetic function. By determining their unique SNPs, individuals can make precise decisions about their diet and lifestyle, ultimately improving their overall health. The confidential screening results are sent to the patient’s healthcare practitioner, who will interpret them and create a personalized plan of action designed to help the patient achieve maximum health and vitality. The patient may also elect to receive their individualized results and protocols directly via mail

Wouldn’t you like to know?

Integrative Genomics™ is a revolutionary new DNA screening service that puts the power of scientific innovation at your fingertips. Unlike medical diagnostic tests that simply determine whether you have or do not have a disease, Integrative Genomics identifies truly individualized ways to help you maintain long-term health and well-being by looking inside your DNA.

Integrative Genomics™ was jointly developed by industry leaders in genetic research and nutrition and prevention. Because of this, Integrative Genomics is truly unique in that we not only identify potential health issues, but also provide pragmatic, easy-to-implement nutrition and lifestyle solutions.

About GeneLink, Inc…

GeneLink, Inc., since 1994, developed the World’s First Family Centered DNA Bank and Hereditary Genetic Information Service. With recent breakthroughs the company is a pioneer and leading provider of DNA tests created to facilitate “genetically guided” health, beauty and wellness products. Since inception, Gene Link has acquired a reputation for quality, consistency and confidence in the services and products it provides to the research communities worldwide.

About Integrative Therapeutics,Inc

Integrative Therapeutics, Inc. is the nation’s leading manufacturer and distributor of nutritional supplements through health care practitioners including MDs, NDs and DCs. The company is recognized through the industry for developing innovative, clinically validated, professional-grade products and services. Integrative Therapeutics, Inc. is majority-owned by North Castle Partners, a holding company focused exclusively on health and lifestyle interests.

Michael Biamonte holds a Doctorate of Nutripathy, and is a New York State certified Clinical Nutritionist. He is a professional member of the International and American Association of Clinical Nutritionists,The American College of Nutrition and is a member of the Scientific Advisory Board for the Clinical Nutrition Certification Board. He is listed in “The Directory of Distinguished Americans” for his research in Nutrition and Physiology.

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