Dangers Of Benzene

By Michael Biamonte, C.C.N.

Benzene is a common solvent used in the processing of foods such as cold cereals,artificially flavored foods,frozen desserts,commercial salad oils or vegetable oils, soft drinks and others. Benzene is also found in hand cremes, body lotions, personal lubricants to name a few. It is actually a very commonly used substance, used not as a additive but used in processing of foods and personal care items.

It is primarily used to break down or liquify fats.It can make cream creamer,or something smooth smoother.It can be used to breakdown fats in order to extract them. As an example, if one wanted to extract the oil out of nuts, one would need only to mix the nuts with benzene and the benzene would draw the oil out of the nuts.

Due to the fact that benzene is not used as an additive, the FDA does not require that foods processed with benzene have it listed as on the product.


Benzene has been found to be very detrimental to those with immune deficiency. Dr. Hulga Clark Ph.D, N.D., a private researcher, has implicated benzene as a tremendous risk factor in immune suppression.Dr. Clark has found that a person’s T-cells will drop when they are exposed to benzene and then rise back up when they discontinue their exposure to the benzene source. I have found that vitamin B2 will aid the body in detoxification of benzene. If one completely avoids all exposure to benzene, enough benzene can leave the body on its own to accomplish an increase in T-cell levels to where the immune system can again become functional.


Dr.Clark has also sighted that benzene has a direct effect on the thymus gland and not only the T-CELLS which it produces. Benzene literally poisons the thymus inhibiting its production of all its immune related substances. Benzene has been found to like the thymus as a storage sight. This would require a program to detoxify the benzene from the thymus itself in order to rehabilitate thymus function.

However, benzene like other chemicals may store in significant amounts in the fat cells of the body as well. In the book CLEAR MIND,CLEAR BODY, researcher, humanitarian and internationally acclaimed author, L.RON HUBBARD, explains how chemicals and toxins from our food, water, air and environment can cause various effects on the mind and body. The HUBBARD METHOD OF DETOXIFICATION, which is explained in his book, has also been used by medical researchers, toxicologists and biochemists. Reports in scientific journals by researchers using this method have shown that considerable amounts of pesticides, food additives, preservatives, industrial toxins, etc. can be released from the fat cells of an individual. Statistical and subjective reports on those who have done this program show that tremendous health benefits of all kinds are available from the release of these substances from the body.

It is more than likely that benzene also will store in the body’s fat cells and require THE HUBBARD METHOD in order to fully eliminate it.


Dr.Clark has reported a very interesting effect of benzenes on parasites. The trophozoite stage of a parasite is much like the embryo stage of the egg of any creature. The egg of a parasite contains a largely fatty membrane or covering. Benzene is used to break down or emulsify fats. It can dissolve them or liquify them. Due to this, benzene can dissolve the fatty membrane or covering of the parasite egg and cause the infant parasites to be released.

In many cases, the eggs of parasites may pass through the entire digestive tract and be eliminated from the body before they hatch.

Many parasites go through several stages of development each taking different lengths of time. It is common that the parasite will not reach its adult stage or the stage where it could start to reproduce before it is passed out in the stool.

Benzene causes the eggs of these parasites to breakdown and open releasing the parasites prematurely. The parasites then begin to invade the tissues and release new eggs which when they contact the benzene now start the cycle again.


This can set up a situation where someone who is being treated for parasites successfully, meaning they are being killed, can have any of the hundreds or thousands of the parasite eggs hatching faster than the medicine can kill them.

Someone who has been cleared of parasites may become reinfected if they encounter parasite eggs while having high levels of benzene in their body. Someone who has been treated for parasites and who now has what would be considered a normal amount could experience a full relapse if their benzene levels were to rise too high and cause the remaining, normally occurring parasite population, to multiply.


Those who are immune-compromised should avoid benzene at all costs, particularly if they are HIV positive, have any type of cancer, chronic fatigue syndrome, chronic yeast infections, any chronic viral condition, lupus, M.S., fibromyalgia or any condition that is suspected of being immune related. Several of our patients have reported arthritic symptoms which responded to nothing else were relieved by avoiding benzene.
A complete listing of benzene sources along with substitutions for benzene products is available in Michael Biamonte’s BOOK OF BASIC PROCEDURES and in either of Dr.Hulga Clark’s 2 books,THE CURE FOR HIV AND AIDS or THE CURE FOR ALL CANCERS.