Your Medicine Chest Could Be Natural

By Michael Biamonte, C.C.N.

The purpose of this article is to give you, the reader, a checklist of things that you should have in your medicine chest at home to not only get you through the cold and flu season but that can be useful the whole year round and can reduce your contact with harmful pharmaceutical drugs.

This data is the very same data that we apply to our patients at all my centers and that I use at home as well with my family. Here we will list each medicine chest item and give you some of its many uses.

      1. LOMATCUM.This is a very useful herb. It should be purchased in a tincture form. The one I recommend for general use is LOMATCUM SUPREME by GAIA. This is useful for colds, flu’s, herpes outbreaks, staph and strep infections. It is very helpful in cases of tooth abscesses. Soak a cottonball in lomatcum and them insert the cotton ball as close to the abscess as possible. In all cases it must be taken at least 4 times a day to be effective.

WARNING: Some brands of lomatcum can cause a mild to severe rash. The GAIA brand is formulated not to.

      1. 007 or O2 the MAX . This is very effective in most cases of mild food poisoning. It kills the bacteria responsible for the symptoms. If your symptoms are severe, you must seek medical help immediately, however. It should be used when you travel to other countries or foreign places. Place several drops into the drinking water whenever you drink. It can kill harmful bacteria and parasites in the water, helping you avoid “TRAVELERS ILLNESSES”. It has been known to stop bleeding of minor cuts or wounds very quickly when applied at full strength.
      2. NUTRI-VI. This is a very effective formula for all viral conditions. Works especially well on colds and flu’s. It not only helps to relieve the symptoms but effectively helps your own immune system to detoxify and eliminate the virus faster.
      3. NUTRI-BAC. This a version of NUTRI-VI that is made for bacterial infections. Any condition that would cause a doctor to prescribe an antibiotic would be reason to take NUTRI-BAC. It is very useful a toward the tail end of a cold or flu to eliminate the secondary bacterial infections that attack you after the cold virus has worn you down and invaded your tissues.
      4. ALOE VERA JUICE.Aloe is perhaps one of the most useful herbs for burns or irritation. It will usually immediately relieve the symptoms and if used over a period of time it will greatly aid in healing. Aloe is very useful to relieve occasional constipation. Usually drinking 1 to 4 ounces in warm water will lubricate the bowel enough to produce a minor purge.
      5. ANABOLIC A. This product is a chewable vitamin A that children will take. It is water soluble so there is no danger of toxicity. It is a must for anyone with a cold who is suffering with a runny nose or chest congestion.
      6. GINGER AND CAYENNE CAPSULES. These can be purchased together or separately. Ginger is very effective for nausea and gas. It also helps some of cold and flu symptoms. Cayenne is very essential. It can be rubbed on your feet or placed in your socks an it will take the chill right out of your feet. The capsules taken orally are very effective overall for chills, for constipation, as a digestive stimulant and to increase circulation. A tiny amount can stop bleeding from a cut or scrap. Many times a combination of cayenne, hawthorne and niacin can relieve a headache. Some doctors claim that it will stop a heart attack within 30 seconds! Cayenne is available in ointment form.
      7. ZINC LOZENGES.These are a must to have during the cold season. Zinc kills viruses on contact. If you begin taking these at the first sign of a tickle in your throat, the zinc may be able to kill the virus before it spreads. This is the best thing I know of for sore throats.
      8. B1,VITAMIN C AND CYSTEINE.This can and should be purchased in combination. Its main use is as an antioxidant against alcohol. I have personally handed out loads of these capsules to friends and relatives at parties. If taken every hour while consuming alcohol, they will severely reduce the ill effects. They are also useful to take “the morning after,” however work far better if taken as you consume.
      9. ECHINAGUARD. This is probably the most powerful echinacea known. It is very effective at the onset of a cold or flu to reduce the effect of the infection. The initial dose must be large, about 1 tsp, and after that 1/2 of a teaspoon every 2 hours.
      10. SINUSTOP PRO.Fast relief of nasal congestion associated with colds and allergies. The active ingredient is the Chinese herb ephreda.
      11. ALLERMED.Same as above but more for hayfever and upper respiratory allergies.
      12. ALLERMED FAST ACTING.Same as above but works faster.
      13. RESP.Same as above but formulated for asthma and to break up bronchial congestion. Loosens phlegm to make coughs more productive.

Note the above items 11-14 should not be used by anyone suffering from thyroid disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, prostate problems, heart disease or if pregnant or nursing.

  1. CRANBERRY UT. This is a very effective product for bladder infections. It helps acidify the urine so that the bacteria are neutralized.
  2. WORMWOOD. While this herb is commonly used for parasites it also can be very effective as a poultice to relieve the pain caused by spider, scorpion or jelly fish bites. Take some of the powdered herb and mix in oil. Bottle it and let it sit for some time to release the medicinal properties into the oil.
  3. OIL OF CLOVE. This is very effective for relieving the pain from toothaches. Massage several drops on the gum surrounding the affected tooth.
  4. MULLEIN FLOWER OIL.Very effective for earaches. Also destroys bacteria.
  5. ARNICA OIL. Very effective for sprains and cramped muscles or muscle spasms.
  6. ECHINACEA GSR THROAT SPRAY.This is a very useful product for sore throats due to colds. It contains golden seal root as well as echinacea. Use it to spray and coat your throat. It is best used every two hours. It can relieve sore throat pain and help reduce the infection.
  7. TIGER BALM. This is a traditional oriental balm used for sore muscles due to exercise. It helps to relieve pain and also will promote lymph drainage. Rubbing some on your forehead can help relieve headache and promote sleep.
  8. HYDROGEN PEROXIDE. The standard 3% H202 sold in drug stores should always be in your medicine chest. For cuts and bruises, pour in over the area. You will see it foam up. The oxygen is being released to kill bacteria and germs. It can be effective as a gargle for sore throats. Put it in a spray mist bottle and spray areas of your skin that have rashes or psoriasis. After a few weeks you will notice a marked improvement.
  9. WART MED. This is a homeopathic wart remedy used with some success by quite a few of our patients. It actually worked in some cases where all has failed. It is a liquid that is applied topically.
  10. INNER FRESH CHLOROPHYLL WITH MINT. This is truly nature’s own mouth wash. Chlorophyll has been used as a breath cleanser for many years. I have also had good success with it in eliminating overall body odor. It works due to its high magnesium content which helps to detoxify the body.
  11. INFLAZYME BROMELAIN. This is something to have around and hope you never have to use it. This product is a powerful natural anti-inflammatory. It would be taken when a severe sprain, fracture or break in the bone occurs. Any injury that might warrant medication to reduce the swelling calls for this product. It should be taken on an empty stomach about 4 times a day. Continue its use until the inflammation and swelling is relieved.
  12. VF SYRUP. This is a parasite and worm killer for children. It is formulated for them to take. It should be given to children if they complain of rectal itching especially at night, which is a sign of worms. Some children are in the habit of eating dirt. This is an easy way to pick up parasites. For children who are known to do this, this product must be used.
  13. ACTIVATED CHARCOAL CAPSULES. Occasionally, we will eat foods that may not agree with us and cause tremendous gas. Charcoal tablets are for such times. They may also be useful in mild food poisoning cases to help absorb the harmful bacteria.
  14. PASSIFLORUS ELIXIR. This is a mild natural sedative for children or adults. It can be used to promote sleep or used in place of harsh medical sedatives for minor tension.
  15. VITAMIN E. Should be used topically on all burns. Very effective to help promote healing from burns or skin irritations. Also helpful in most rashes.