Why do I have symptoms but all my tests are normal?

By Michael Biamonte, C.C.N.

This is a very common complaint that we hear from new patients coming to us. “I have all the symptoms of Candida and my Doctor did all these tests and yet he said everything was normal!” Well the first question would be, “Did your doctor even test you for Candida?” Most mainstream Doctors don’t know anything about testing for Candida. When the average person goes to their Doctor and tells them all their complaints, symptoms and says “I must have Candida”, the Doctor will do standard blood and urine tests and never explore Candida testing.

Testing for Candida is very precise and specific. Candida testing is not included in standard blood and urine tests; they must be special ordered which requires the doctor to have some pre-existing knowledge of Candida. Also it is totally normal and expected that standard lab work will look normal in the case of the Candida patient. The disruption that Candida causes in the body rarely will show in standard blood and urine tests.

If someone was to do a test for Candida and it showed negative, it could easily be because Candida is an organism that can hide and be dormant. Its metabolic rate changes depending on whether it’s being fed or not. Therefore its activity changes as its rate of growth changes.

Therefore the best way to detect Candida is by a provoked or challenged test. Provoked or challenging testing is typically done when testing for toxic metals or any substance which can hide in the body. This type of test is accomplished by taking a substance (my phase 0 program is a good example of what could be used) which has the ability to disturb or dislodge the Candida and other organism from the gut lining. This will cause a release of antigens and other chemicals from the Candida cells that then can be detected. In my method we measure these chemicals in the urine as urine is the most accurate sample one can use. Doing a provoked test dramatically increases the chances of finding the exact level of Candida overgrowth that one has, it greatly reduces the chances on having the Candida overgrowth going undetected

So when the Doctor tells you all your tests are normal, ask “Did you actually test for Candida and if so what type of test did you use?” If he says no ask, “Why not?”

If he did test you for Candida and didn’t use something to provoke or challenge, you’re best calling our office to get the right testing done!

Michael Biamonte CCN.