Viral Syndrome Part 2 The Chronic Viral Syndrome!

By Michael Biamonte, C.C.N.

Over the past 40 years research has brought to public attention certain chronic viral conditions, which unlike the common cold and flu viruses would remain in the body for an indefinite period of time and would reappear often. This viral condition will produce continuous fatigue. Other symptoms such as muscle aches and weakness, weight gain or loss, sore throat and swollen glands, low blood sugar or sweet cravings, headaches, joint pain, insomnia, inability to concentrate, confusion, memory loss and digestive disorders have been frequently associated with chronic viral conditions.

This condition was eventually named Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Many times standard physical exams and blood tests would show nothing wrong and people would mistakenly be considered mentally ill and put on harmful psychiatric drugs as it was “all in their mind”. In the 1960’s research identified a virus called the EPSTIEN BARR VIRUS, which was found in a great many of the patients who complained of the above phenomena. This virus is a close relative of MONONUCLEOSIS. It was found that many of the initial symptoms of the chronic virus began with MONO itself or MONO like symptoms.

To date other viruses have also been identified as occurring in patients with chronic fatigue, these are CYTOMEGELIA VIRUS, HHV6, HTLV-II and other forms of herpes. Chronic yeast infections and fungal conditions often called CANDIDA have been found to occur in patients with chronic fatigue symptoms with or without any virus.

Worse yet LYMES DISEASE known to occur from certain TICK bites can produce some of the symptoms of chronic fatigue. However treatment of LYMES is with antibiotics that are known to cause yeast to overgrow in the body thereby causing CANDIDA.

FIBROMYALGIA is another condition that is entering the arena of chronic fatigue syndrome. It usually strikes women between 20 and 50 years old. Its most common symptoms are persistent pain in muscles, joints and the ligaments of the neck, shoulder, low back and hip areas. It to can have the other symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome. Its cause can be viral or bacterial in triggering it but there must exist a certain set of vitamin deficiencies or weaknesses for one to have this condition re less of what triggers it. Many of its symptoms are similar the low thyroid conditions. I have found thyroid therapy to have benefit. Also Vitamin B1, magnesium and malic acid have been shown to produce a very significant improvement within 48 hours to 2 weeks. Symptoms do return within 48 hours after the supplements are discontinued.

In my opinion the term Chronic Fatigue syndrome has recently been broadened to include many other conditions and symptoms to help patients and doctors put it in as a claim to insurance companies. All of these viruses are considered opportunistic infections. An opportunistic infection is one that awaits a failure in your immune system to take hold and make you ill. The “failure” is not a temporary one but one more chronic lasting weeks or months. This type of “failure” is caused mostly by a combination of drugs, poor diet, stress, damp climate or other viral or bacterial disease. These can also cause the illness to come back if you recover

Mono reactivates. The person then begins to experience some or all of the mono symptoms again to a greater or lesser degree. These symptoms now appear in cycles, every few weeks or months. Eventually Hypoglycemia begins, memory and concentration become poor. Fatigue is obvious. Allergies may then begin as the immune system weakens. Chronic Candida in any form may begin. The weakening in the immune system will allow Candida to overgrow and spread. This is a case of EBV causing Candida. Thyroid hormone may start to decrease, Anemia may appear and the immune system may start to really fail. At this point allergy skin tests may fail to respond to the inability of the body to produce immunoglobulin , Blood cortisol levels may decrease showing adrenal exhaustion. (Cortisol is an adrenal hormone.) This is now full blown EBV. Encephalitis, myocarditis, pneumonitis, pancreatitis, diabetes, hypothyroidism, transverse myelitis may occur. These “itis” illnesses are examples of the inflammation EBV can produce in the body. The end stage of EBV is associated cancers originally associated with EBV’s

To correctly treat any of these viruses we must first use non-toxic germicides to eliminate or reduce the virus. Many times the approach first used is to stimulate T-cells, white blood cells and interferon. This is unwise as these cells are diseased and are carriers of the infection. Stimulating these cells can cause a rampant spread of the infection. In the case of the opportunistic infection we must bypass the body’s own immune system because it has already failed. Stimulating can cause a spreading of the infection as mentioned. So we must reduce or eliminate the infection using the modern protocol.

The modern protocol consists of around 30 remedies. Some would be familiar to you, others would not be. They are non-toxic so they can be taken for long periods of time to eliminate large amounts of the infection without altering the natural flora or causing damage (side effects) to glands or organs. In “Phase I” we also want the pH of the body alkaline as this inactivates virus. The remedies from the protocol that we choose based on the person’s history, health complaints and Lab results, must be rotated to be effective. After 7 days of taking any remedy it will lose effectiveness as the environment within the body adjusts to it. The infection also adjusts. Therefore we take each remedy 4 days then move to the next one. When we have used them all, we repeat them again. When this phase is complete, we then go the Phase II. Here we cleanse the bowel, rebalance the bacteria, tone the digestion and repair the intestinal tract from damage the infections may have caused. The infection creates more toxins, so to cleanse before the infection is gone will not produce lasting or complete results. Specific for EBV on this Phase, we must support the Liver as the virus can attack it.

By now the person will have experienced great improvements but can still relapse unless he completes the last 2 phases. On Phase III we test the person for vitamin, mineral and overall nutrition deficiencies. With digestion improved, he can now get full benefit from taking supplements rather than having them not absorbed. Here is normally when the energy systems of the body can be rebalanced. Adrenal, thyroid, pituitary and reproductive functions can be ad dressed. In the EBV case, a return of energy is very much noticed in this phase. Since the nervous system also stimulates the immune system, Phase III gives the EBV sufferer the balance needed for immune stimulation to work well.

Now Phase IV, the last phase, is begun. At this point it is now safe to stimulate the immune system since the virus has been eliminated or greatly reduced. Substances ranging from sunlight, which stimulates interferon response, to T and B cell support formulas are now used. As many as 25 substances can be used to enhance immune function on this phase. At this point the bodies own defenses are able to handle the EBV on its own from this time forward. If EBV is found with other infections, the four phases may take longer to run through.

It is important that when the person reaches Phase IV that he continue to take his supplements and diet so the body can heal. The purpose of the program is to get to Phase IV so that energy and nutrients that can repair, rebuild and heal the body can be utilized. The first, second and third phase are setups for the last. The fatigue and other symptoms caused by viruses are amongst the most horrible I’ve ever heard. Mainstream medicine offers no hope. With this protocol as high as 80% of EBV cases can be handled in an average of 24-30 weeks. The key is the proper sequence of treatment. Avoidance of viral actors or inducers is also important. Nickel, Hydrocortisone, Hydrogen peroxide and some Chinese herbs have been re ed to activate EBV but it is not yet known if they activate other viruses. Factors that increase calcium which include Vitamin D, copper, estrogen, insulin and Para-thyroid hormone are now thought to be potential viral activating agents. Avoidance of these would be important during the program. .

In the case of one patient, a high school girl, she had been suffering with a chronic flu for many months until her doctor order an EBV blood test. After getting a positive result the doctor admitted that the medical profession had no idea of how to treat it. This girl instantly noticed a change when she got on her program and felt total relief of all her symptoms within a 2 months.

Another patient had been treated intravenously with vitamins for months and had actually been getting worse. She experienced a great relief from the first phase because we were no longer stimulating the viruses by stimulating her immune system.

Of course not everyone is a sailing success like these examples. thankfully most people are, but many people have factors beyond their control which prevent recover like stress and environmental toxins like waste dumps, chemical-processing plants etc. In these cases the only hope for a successes from my program is to get out of the toxic or stressful environment.


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