Pricing & Insurance

We want you to understand our pricing policies and feel secure.

We want you to understand our pricing policies and feel secure knowing that we will give you great value and assist you in working with your insurance company. Because our treatment programs are customized and personalized for each patient, pricing varies greatly for each unique person and treatment program.
About Our Pricing
Once we understand your health concerns and issues, we can better estimate your costs for our treatment. In general, you can expect the following pricing:
  • The initial consultation for nutritional evaluation is $250.
  • The initial testing and candida supplements is an additional $300-400
  • The second consultation when we go over your test results is $180.
  • Follow up appointments vary from $95 to $180, depending on what is being gone over at that appointment.
  • Monthly average for patients is $100-300 for typical candida cases

Standard Pricing

Our standard pricing fees are outlined below.

All fees are to be paid at the time of your visit. We do accept checks, American Express and Visa/Mastercard.
  • Brief Consultation Fee $50
    A brief consultation is generally less then 10 minutes and is scheduled in order to address, questions, concerns or new difficulties that develop between regularly scheduled monthly consultations.
  • Basic Consultation Fee $95
    The Basic consultation is generally more then 10 minutes or is used to go over major changes to the program, or to interpret the results of the Basic Home Test and adjust Phase 0-4 programs.
  • Basic Test Consultation $135
    The test consultation covers a major test other thenthe home kit and is used to create or adjust a phase 0-4 program. This can be used as a regular monthly consultation.
  • Restart Consultation fee $140
    A restart consultation is treated like an initial consultation. This would apply to someone that has not done an appointment or service for 6months or more. All past data and the patient’s history since we last spoke to them needs to be reviewed during this appointment.
  • Extended Consultation $180
    The extended consultation is generally more then 10 minutes and used to interpret 2 or more tests. This can take the place of a basic monthly consultation. These consultations generally require additional research or consultation with consultants at the lab performing the test or with “Nutritional Interpretations”, to take into account current program and health history.
  • Review Consultation $115
    The Review consultation is used to review a major lab test between regular monthly consultations. These often require the same preparation as extended consultations.
  • Brief Review Consultation $60
    This consultation requires similar but less preparation then the Review consultation and tends to be less the 10 minutes.
  • Report of Findings Consultation $180
    This is the second consultation done after the initial test results are received. The Consultation is generally 15-30 minutes. The initial program is explained and begun.
  • Initial Consultation $250
    At this consultation a review of past health and nutritional history is discussed. The necessary testing is explained and the proposed program is outlined. An initial program may be begun.


Our services are similar to supplemental care.

The Biamonte Center does not accept insurance, so you will have to pay out o f pocket for your treatment. Our services are similar to supplemental care you may receive from other providers, such as chiropractors, and many insurance companies will offer reimbursement. We are well-versed in the reimbursement process, and we will provide you with documentation, including a receipt and invoice, to assist you in gaining reimbursement.


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