Part II: Will You Ever Get Off That Crazy Diet?

By Michael Biamonte, C.C.N.


Phase 1 is the “work horse phase”. It will eliminate most of the yeast in the persons system. It will kill the majority of yeast in the intestinal tract. However it will not get it all. The remaining yeast lies deeply buried in the intestinal tract. If left untouched it will begin to grow like a weed coming up from the ground and soon cause a total relapse.

Phase 2 Antifungals

The 1st section of phase 2 is actually the most powerful part of our program. In this section we use very powerful intestinal yeast killers. These only work in the intestinal tract. The purpose of them is to destroy any remaining intestinal yeast so that a relapse will not occur. These substances absorb very deep into the lining of the intestinal as oil would absorb into leather. They destroy the “root system” that the candida organism grows into the intestinal lining that will “tap” into small blood vessels looking for sugar. These “roots” also cans cause “leaky gut syndrome”.

At this point on the program the most powerful bombs are being dropped to reach the enemy that is buried very deep in the trenches.

These substances are taken in rotation for 1 week each. They can cause a temporary flare up of rectal itching, flu like symptoms and vaginal yeast infections. If these reactions occur they occur due to a “die-off” reaction. As candida in the fungal form “switches” to yeast form this reaction will occur. This is like the “chameleon” changing color to escape and attacking enemy. These can be thought of as a sign that the program is killing the last of the candida, but these reactions are not necessary to conclude it is successfully.

The phase anti-fungals are gradually increased until we are on a dose high enough to complete saturate the intestinal tract. Die off reactions can occur as the doses are increased. When die off symptoms subside and indications of die-off in our urine test reduce these products are lowered and then discontinued.

Intestinal Flora

The acidophilus and bifidus bacteria supplements are added after several weeks on the phase 2 Antifungals. These friendly bacteria typically cause gas and bloating. This is the die-off response to the friendly bacteria. Friendly bacteria literally eats yeasts and release gas. We add the “friendly flora” several weeks after the Phase 2 anti-fungals. This gives the Antifungals time to reduce the intestinal yeast so that the gas and bloat will not be so extreme. Someone who has tremendous gas and bloat after taking acidophilus usually has excessive intestinal candida.

In the second phase of Candida elimination, there are several other goals;

  1. Eliminate old debris (fecal matter) from the bowel. Old, decaying food trapped in the bowel serves as food for yeast cells.
  2. Establish normal Lactobacillus and E-coli bacteria. Once Candida is eliminated and the old debris gone, Lactobacillus can grow in the bowel and feed on any remaining yeast, keeping it in check the way nature intended.
  3. Strengthen digestion. Correction, production, and secretion of digestive fluids from the stomach, pancreas, and bile from the liver are all important to supporting the friendly bacteria while creating a poor environment for harmful organisms to grow.
  4. Repair the intestines. Leaky gut — which means the intestines have been damaged, causing them to leak substances into the blood — is the prime cause of allergies and many of the reactions those with chronic Candida and parasites get. Using special nutritional preparations, the intestines can be repaired.
  5. Restore the normal immune function to the intestinal tract. The intestines have their immune functions and substances. Certain fats are used in the intestinal tract to produce natural anti-fungal substances by the body. Certain bacteria, as well as friendly yeasts, guard and attack Candida. Of course, the chronic Candida sufferer has had these functions knocked out.

Once the Candida has been destroyed and eliminated by Phase I, these actions on Phase II push the boulder in front of the cave opening so the Candida will have a difficult time returning. Many Candida-like reactions are caused by the damage Candida creates in the intestines. These reactions remain long after the Candida is gone. This second Phase eliminates these reactions. After Phase II, the person finally gets off the “crazy Candida diet.” No food can really cause Candida. Eating yeast doesn’t cause Candida because food yeast are dead and not harmful. Candida can only be worsened or fed by eating some foods. Once Phase II is over, only foods that the person is still allergic to will cause any reaction. Eliminating the old debris (known as colon cleansing) can be done, using herbal/fiber drinks or capsules or by using colonics. If colonics are used, acidophilus must be put in the colonic water during the few final treatments, so it may re-grow in the bowel. If this is not done, it may be taken as an enema. I have not seen results with having patients take acidophilus orally. I have tested many peoples’ stools for acidophilus after they had been taking it for several months, only to find very little, as it was killed by their digestive juices. Many herbs and digestive supplements can be used to help digestion. Some are only crutches, while others actually work to strengthen and tone the digestive system. Once the initial steps of Phase II are done, the person will be able to utilize vitamins and minerals again. They are first used with certain herbs and amino acids to help repair the intestines. ALL CONSTIPATION AND DIARRHEA CONDITIONS ARE HANDLED BY THE END OF PHASE II. This is an important end result of this Phase. Many times, if the person has lost too much weight from Candida and can’t gain it back, this phase enables them to regain lost weight. On Phase II parasites can also be eliminated. Most parasites are eliminated more easily when bowel cleansing is done. They are flushed out of the bowel while they are being killed with our remedies. It is their roller-coaster ride on their way to the ocean. The importance of Phase II is that the person must be cleansed so normal protective bacteria can grow back. And his own digestion and absorption of nutrients is returned, so he can utilize the nutrients on Phase III (which returns the energy) and Phase IV (which brings the immune system back to normal so one never again gets Candida — and, as many of my patients say, “Have to go on that damned diet again”). Phase II marks the end of needing that diet. The only reason so many health professionals rely so heavily on the Candida diet is that they have no other solution. For us, the diet is very temporary. If Phase II is not done successfully, a patient can go into the relapse within only a few months of completing Phase I, and killing all the Candida. So it must be done right. Phase III and IV will also fail if II is not complete, as the patient will not properly absorb his vitamins. Many urine tests are done in my office to ensure that the bowels are cleansed, normal bacteria is returning, and nutrients are now being absorbed. So, as for Phase II, complete it and you’ll be off that crazy Candida diet!

Michael Biamonte holds a Doctorate of Nutripathy, and is a New York State certified Clinical Nutritionist. He is a professional member of the International and American Association of Clinical Nutritionists,The American College of Nutrition and is a member of the Scientific Advisory Board for the Clinical Nutrition Certification Board. He is listed in “The Directory of Distinguished Americans” for his research in Nutrition and Physiology.