By Michael Biamonte, C.C.N.

For many years I have been working with clients who complained of both migraine headaches and fibroid growths. After studying the case histories and lab results of many such patients I have observed that migraine suffers appear more prone to fibroids then non-migraine suffers. I have developed a safe natural nutritional protocol to help address this situation. I have found elevated levels of the trace mineral copper in chronic suffers of both migraines and fibroids. Copper relates to the hormone estrogen. It is involved in both the production, release and the detoxification of estrogen. My theory is that an imbalance or toxicity in the level of this mineral is involved with migraines and fibroids. I believe that estrogen which is in excess or that is not balanced by progesterone can cause or worsen both conditions.


There have been several studies that show the beneficial effect of iodine on fibrocystic breast disease. Iodine is essential for thyroid function. Thyroid hormone does oppose or balance estrogen. Lower body temperatures, cold hands and feet, tending to gain weight on the thighs and hips, dry skin and hair, low energy, constipation are also more common in women who suffer from fibroids and migraines.


I believe that estrogen that is not opposed by progesterone or thyroid hormones causes fibroid growth in estrogen sensitive tissues such and the breasts. The mineral copper seems to be elevated in most of these cases. Copper opposes zinc. Zinc is a helper or friend to progesterone and thyroid hormone. When the zinc to copper balance moves in the favor of copper, excess or left over estrogens are not eliminated from the body by the liver and are left to cause the abnormal fibroid growth. The pineal gland that makes melatonin also can help balance estrogen and may also be under active in these cases.


The same mechanism seems at work in migraines. However it appears to be a little different. Estrogen tends to cause sodium retention. This is not necessarily bad and to some degree is normal. However an excess of estrogen causing excess sodium retention will cause an inflammatory state in the body and in the blood vessels of the head. This inflammation can be responsible for the pain one experiences during a migraine. Estrogen is also known to affect both the liver and the gall bladder. It will cause a greater demand for copper storage in the liver. Excessive liver levels of copper will inhibit the liver ability to metabolize fats and detoxify the blood stream. This could be an additional part of the actual mechanism of how a migraine occurs. Many patients have reported that having a bowel movement or taking an enema can relieve their headaches or migraines. This may be due to a detoxification that is occurring of the blood stream. The bowel movement may be helping the liver to detoxify or stimulating the liver and gallbladder in some way that is not fully understood yet. Copper can also cause frontal headaches associated with PMS and headaches due to hypoglycemia. Copper is an essential mineral. It plays a role in thousands of physiological functions. Copper deficiency has been linked to: fungal infections, cardiovascular disorders, certain cancers, M.S. Parkinson’s and a host of other conditions. Copper is found in our diet. Copper rich foods include, soy, avocado, chocolate and cocoa, seeds and nuts, Tap water can be a very significant source of copper if one has copper plumbing or pipes. When we bath or shower we can absorb up to 1-2 quarts of water, so even if one avoids drinking tap water copper c an still be absorbed from the shower or bath. Note if a green discoloration appears on any of the metallic fittings or on the drain in your shower or tub. This is an indication of extreme copper build up from your water. Copper can also elevate in the body from silver amalgam fillings the same filling which have become linked to mercury toxicity. The body normally eliminates excess copper through our bowel movements. If one moves their bowels once or less per day copper build up can occur as not enough is excreted through the stool.


Improvements in patients with fibroid and migraines have been obtained. As mentioned earlier I have established a protocol that has achieved desirable results and is non-medical. It does not involve any drugs or toxic materials.


The first step of this approach is to detoxify the intestines. Herbal and fiber cleansers are used to flush the intestines of any old waste or debris. Excessive waste build up in the intestines will cause the liver, kidneys and lymph system to be overworked and toxic. In many cases this alone produces dramatic results in migraine suffers.


The second step is to detoxify the liver. How this is done varies with the exact situation of the client. This is essential in helping the liver to detoxify left over estrogens circulating through the blood stream. Another goal of liver cleansing is to begin the removal of excess copper storage. This in turns helps the liver and gallbladder metabolize fats better including fat related nutrients that have natural anti-inflammatory response that would be helpful in naturally reducing the inflammation occurring in migraines.


Rebalance thyroid function. Proper thyroid function is essential for correct liver function and liver detoxification. The liver cannot be detoxified fully unless there is adequate thyroid function. Thyroid and adrenal function are necessary for proper production and regulation of reproductive hormones as well.


Balance estrogen and progesterone. Our approach is to first get a base line reading on these levels using a saliva test which appears far more accurate then blood work. The saliva test tells us how much of the hormone is present and available to the body. Once this is done a protocol of herbs, vitamins, minerals and diet can be customized to help balance the system. This approach has proved very successful. It was developed over a period of ten years. At one time each individual step was used as a method of correcting the problem. Each provided some benefit. However when all of them are done in the order given the benefit seems greater , more stable and the actuakl root of the problem has a chance of being corrected. This approach has proved very successful. It was developed over a period of ten years. At one time each individual step was used as a method of correcting the problem. Each provided some benefit. However when all of them are done in the order given the benefit seems greater , more stable and the actuakl root of the problem has a chance of being corrected.

Michael Biamonte holds a Doctorate of Nutripathy, a Degree in Natural Healing, and a Master’s in Clinical Nutrition. He is affiliated with the International Academy of Clinical Nutritionists and the International Academy of Nutrition and Preventive Medicine. He is listed in “The Directory of Distinguished Americans” for his research in Nutrition and Physiology.

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