Is The Mystery Of Candida Solved?

By Michael Biamonte, C.C.N.

Over the last 7 months I have been researching real underlying causes of vaginal infections and chronic intestinal yeast infections. The symptoms of vaginal yeast are fairly well known to most women: vaginal itching, burning along with a frothy white discharge. Sometimes the discharge will be yellow if bacteria are also invading the tissues. Chronic intestinal yeast can cause over 100 symptoms ranging from asthma, skin rashes, flu like symptoms, food allergies, fatigue, brain fog and sweet cravings just to outline a few.

For years I have been developing natural, drug-free herbal, vitamin and nutritional programs that would effectively eliminate yeast from the body and restore energy and immune function.

Several years ago I discovered and proved that many chronic cases of yeast infection (called Candida) were also caused and perpetuated by parasites and worms living in our bodies.

Recently I have made another major breakthrough that may be the solution for those who have not properly responded to anti-yeast therapy in the past.

Yeast cells like parasites live mostly in the regions of the digestive system. They live, eat and reproduce in our small intestines and the large intestines often called the bowel. They feed on bacteria and waste products from our diets that are not properly eliminated. The type of intestinal tract they like is one that is slow moving and that allows foods to remain in the bowel for many days, at least 3 to 4. This way the food can breakdown, mix with bacteria and serve as food for the yeast. When food remains in the bowel too long, it also putrefies, serves as poison and destroys friendly bacteria called acidophilus that normally stops yeast from growing.

Yeast cells and parasites attach themselves to the intestinal lining. They bury themselves into the layers of mucus and old rotting decayed foods that also line the intestinal tract.

Parasites will lay eggs and reproduce in this messy lining. Imagine this as an old, rusty, dirty piece of pipe that has mold and tiny insects living in the rusty cruddy layer lining the pipe.

When the layers of old food and mucus become deep, parasitic and yeast killing herbs or medicine are not able to reach the enemy and kill them. The ones closest to the surface may be killed but the ones that have buried themselves in will escape the treatment.

Further, there are certain diseases of the bowel where “pockets” develop. These are like pouches that balloon out in the intestines where old food and yeast or parasites get trapped and stuck.

These areas begin to become little cities and communities for these harmful organisms. These neighborhoods become very deep with crud build up that parasites and yeast like to live and hide in.

For many years my female patients would tell me that when they became constipated they would be more likely to develop vaginal or bladder infections. I now fully understand why.

When the bowel would become constipated, a sudden build up of these organism will occur. Some of them are able to leak from the bowel into the vaginal and urinary tract causing the infection!


This is a very good question . In Latin, constipation does not mean that one simply does not have a bowel movement. It means to COMPACT, to jam together. If someone has a bowel movement 3 times a day everyday but it does not seem like the completely emptied out each time, there is a residue left in the bowel which will eventually build up like the crud inside a pipe. Having build-up inside your intestines is the truest definition of constipation. In our office, a simple 5 minute urine test can tell whether or not someone has build up of old crud in their intestines.


The solution to fully get rid of vaginal and intestinal yeast is to fully clean or ream out the intestinal tract and get rid of all the old material that lines the intestines and serves as a home for these infection producing bums! I thought in the past that colonics or colemas, along with the available bowel cleansers from the health food store, would do it. I was wrong. I have had the right ideas but the wrong tools. I recently discovered a bowel cleansing program that works so well I cannot believe it myself. Patients who had done many colonics and bowel cleansing programs from the health food stores have been put on this program by the nutritionists in my center. These patients have reported gobs of old blackened, foul smelling, intestinal shaped material come out through their bowel movements. Many have had worms come out.

Patients have reported seeing peanuts and remnants of foods they ate weeks ago suddenly come out. One patient even tried to convince me he found an old rabbit’s foot and set of car keys that he lost years ago suddenly come out! Well I don’t know about that but I can say that people who thought their intestines were really clean from having done previous cleansing programs and vegetarian diets were horrified to have seen what came out of them. Some very inspired people have taken their old crud out of the toilet and measured how long the pieces were. After several weeks on this program these people reported a total of over 25 feet of old material passed out of their intestines. One man reported over 50 feet!


We begin this program by giving people liquid herbs to take that will travel their systems and destroy any yeast that is found throughout. We switch these herbs every few days so that the yeasts do not become immune to them. Next, we put the person on the special bowel cleansers for 2 weeks to start eliminating the old material. Next, we put them on special yeast and parasite killing substances that literally coat, absorb and stick to the lining of the intestinal tract to reach as much of the yeast as possible for another 2 weeks. Then we may return the to the clean out program for another 2 weeks, followed by another 2 weeks of the special killers. We repeat this as many times as necessary until our urine test shows they are clean. At this time we may begin to introduce friendly bacteria and nutrients which boost the immunity of the intestinal tract back up.

Having done this and eliminating the yeast, we can begin a program to correct their vitamin deficiencies and weakened immune system. One women had been on our program for several years and had been only slowly improving. She was immediately put on this program and noticed a dramatic improvement for the first time ever!

Many other complaints have responded to this program as well such as headaches, skin rashes, psoriasis, and arthritic conditions to name a few.

I feel that this program has been an important missing link to the treatment of vaginal and intestinal yeast problems. The simplicity of it is to fully remove them, their food and their real estate from your body!