Fat Burning Program

By Michael Biamonte, C.C.N.

When weight is discussed, we must understand that body weight is a composite of fat, muscle, water and bone. When someone wants to lose weight what they really want to lose is fat. It is possible to lose weight, meaning fat, and drop inches in dress or clothing sizes, while never seeing any drastic or significant drop in the numbers on your scale. Why? On the correct program, your body will burn fat and replace it with muscle. Since muscle weighs more than fat but takes up less room, your body will become slimmer and more streamlined, your clothes will become bigger, but your scale will show little or no change. Does the scale lie? You bet it does! Is it your friend? No way! Not unless you get it to tell you the truth. You can get the scale to tell you the truth if you take the total weight it tells you and find out how much of it is fat, muscle, and water. When this is determined, we can then measure losses of fat even if the scale doesn’t move. I recently developed “The Body Composition Program”. This program can take an athlete or an out-of-shape, overweight person and teach his body to burn fat while presenting and building muscle. It does this in the following manner:

  1. Through laboratory tests, we determine what foods and nutrients are needed by a person to produce optimal energy in his body. Energy production equals calorie burning.
  2. Using a special blend of protein and carbohydrates we slightly reduce the calorie intake by cutting out some meals. This stimulates the body to dip into its fat storage for energy.
  3. Using special nutritional substances, we stimulate brown fat cells in the body to burn up the ugly white fat. This is the same process that takes place when you’re exposed to cold weather, to keep you warm. It’s called. Thermogenisis. Much has been written on it lately and many products are now sold to produce this effect. However, I have found a combination of several items together which work fat better than any commercial product.
  4. Next we stimulate the body to actually burn more calories of fat every time you eat a meal, take a protein drink, or even exercise. This is the real trick of this program.
  5. We cut back the body’s ability to absorb sugars, so even through the person may cheat on his diet from time to time, the body can’t absorb enough to cause trouble.
  6. We reduce certain foods from the diet which have been recently shown to convert to fat very quickly. These are not foods that anyone would believe could do this, but it is nonetheless true. These foods are now called high glycemic foods, glycemic meaning sugar. They break down into sugar quickly and are then stored as fat.

With all these factors in place, throw in a mild amount of walking or any exercise that is considered aerobic in order to fan more air on the fire, and we have one great big fat meltdown. For many months, while I researched and developed this program, my lovely and very intelligent wife kept telling me, “Michael, you’re really losing weight, go weigh yourself and see how much you’ve lost.” I would tell her, “But honey, the scale’s going to lie.” But like a good husband, I’d get on the scale to show her. My body was harder, slimmer, and I needed my pants taken in and a new wardrobe – but the scale said I lost 4 pounds. She couldn’t believe it. After I was on the program for four months and went through several batches of new clothes and visits to the tailor because my pants were falling off, the scale said I’d lost 8 pounds instead of the 25 pounds that it looked. My wife finally surrendered and admitted the scale lies. It is possible and likely that most Americans lose weight and get fatter. How? The average supermarket meal replacement drink when tested at a university showed 70% of the weight lost was muscle, not fat. So, if you lost 30 pounds and 70% of it is muscle, you now have more fat on your body compared to muscle than before the diet. Most popular weight loss programs over the last few years have created the same effect. Muscle also burns calories, where fat doesn’t. A man who is 80% muscle burns more fat and calories than another man the same body weight who has only 70% muscle.

So, the first man can eat more than the second and stay slim. This is the program that can easily and with less hard work create a leaner athlete, or take someone who is the failure of dozens of prior diet programs and give them the results they have longed for. Just remember, your scale lies.