About the Biamonte Center for Clinical Nutrition

Our Goal

At the BIAMONTE Center for Clinical Nutrition we are dedicated to providing you with fast personal service and the best that natural health care has to offer. Our goal is to educate you regarding your body and its needs without confusing you with long terms and big words. At our center we feel that your understanding of how your body works is an important part of becoming and staying healthy. The end result we strive for is a ” you” who is healthier and who has learned to listen to what your body is telling you.


This center was founded by Michael C. Biamonte D.N., CCN. Michael Biamonte has a Doctorate in Naturopathy and is certified as a Clinical Nutritionist. Michael Biamonte has a long been known as a researcher and a writer as well as a practitioner. In the early 1980’s Michael Biamonte worked with researchers at Gruman Aerospace to design a computer program which could duplicate all the functions of the human body in order to better understand what type of diet and vitamins individuals would need. This system is now called BIOCYBERNETICS TM.

In his early research he found that not everyone had the same needs for foods and vitamins. He found everyone had different needs. Using this method for the first time ever science could accurately measure the difference in nutritional requirements from one person to the next.

Michael Biamonte was very interested in why vitamins would apparently cure some people of their ailments just as vitamin books and authorities claimed they would and yet would not work on others in the same way. It was then that he discovered that everyone had a different type of metabolism and that the same vitamins would effect different people differently. During this time he published many articles in health magazines that explained how people could use diets and vitamins more effectively. In addition, Michael Biamonte worked very closely with Dr.David Watts Ph.D. of the laboratory TRACE ELEMENTS Inc. They tested thousands of people and showed how vitamins effected people differently.

In the late 1980’s Michael Biamonte expanded the work of Scott Gregory, the author of “A HOLISTIC PROTOCOL FOR THE IMMUNE SYSTEM”. With Dr.Gregory’s personal help Michael Biamonte’s developed the most effective program ever to eliminate chronic fatigue syndrome, chronic yeast infections, parasites, viruses and many other chronic infectious problems. During this time the demand for Michael Biamontes technology became so widespread that people were coming from all over the world to see him. Upon seeing that he could not care for all these people himself Michael Biamonte developed a course to teach others his own unique method. This course teaches the nutritionist everything that Michael Biamonte would do with a patient.

As people began to graduate his course and take over some of his patient load Michael Biamonte the began to research into the true causes of HIV and Cancer. A major break through occurred when Michael Biamonte discovered the work of Dr. Hulga Clark. With Dr. Clark’s help, Michael Biamonte developed nutritional programs for HIV and Cancer that may become one of the most important discoveries of the century.

Presently, Michael Biamonte is engaged in full time practice. He is researching, lecturing and further evolving his methods and customized nutritional products. However his most important job is always bringing to you his discoveries and programs so that you can live a better and healthier life!

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What makes us different

There are many nutritionists in the world and all of them use a different approach in understanding your body and its needs. What makes our approach different is that it stresses the importance of laboratory testing to determine what you need. Regardless of what your condition is, your body’s chemistry is different than someone that may have your same complaint or problem.

Michael Biamonte’s method uses different tests that are specific to understanding the balance of your own body. He developed a special way of interpreting these tests so as to make them more accurate. We believe that guessing what foods or supplements to take is not scientific and will not produce professional results. Testing is also the best way to understand how much of a supplement someone needs to take.

Some doctors and nutritionists order many tests which can cost thousands of dollars. We know that this is not necessary to understand your nutritional needs. Our method uses fewer tests then most doctors would use. The tests that we require are very specific to each step of the program. So the tests tend to be spread out over the course of the program.

Our approach makes sense

Many years ago Michael Biamonte made a discovery that explained why nutritional programs failed. He discovered that there exists a specific sequence to healing the body. If this sequence or order is not followed the body responds poorly or not at all.

If there is a chronic infection in the body such as yeast, parasites, Epstein Barr virus, Lyme’s disease and so on, the body concentrates all its effort on eliminating the infection. If other problems exist at the same time, such as poor energy, digestive distress, high cholesterol, arthritis or what ever, the infection drains the body’s ability to correct anything else. So the infection must first be eliminated.

Infections tend to make the body toxic as dead white blood cells used to fight the infection build up and clog the system. They also tend to weaken our digestive systems leaving foods only partially broken down and putrefying in our intestines. When the body is toxic it is also difficult for it to absorb, transport and utilize vitamins. So the next step is to purify the body, especially the intestines which is where we absorb nutrients.

In cases where an infection is not present, we would start by cleansing the system so it can be prepared to absorb the nutrients which are needed to heal it. The major reason why vitamin programs fail is because the body was not clean enough to take in and use the vitamin.

When this is done the body can absorb what it needs to begin healing. And much like an engine which has now been cleaned and fueled it can run better and produce energy. Now it will gladly accept vitamins and supplements rather then getting sick from them.

The last step is to strengthen and repair the system whose original breakdown caused the problem to begin with. Many times this is the immune system, as in our example above. Whatever the problem may be, this order still applies if the body is to recover. This discovery is a vital piece of the method practiced by the Chinese for thousands of years. This is one of the reasons why our method is so special. It also makes sense!

About our Nutritionists

All the nutritionists at our center have completed Michael Biamontes’ course and have been personally tested by him on the course material. The course takes many months to complete and is designed for someone who already has a degree in nutrition or an allied science as it contains very advanced materials.

By the time the nutritionist completes the course, he has all of Michael Biamonte’s knowledge at his finger tips. In addition, all of the nutritionists have a daily conference with Michael Biamonte regarding their patients’ progress. They also get exciting previews of his current research from him directly.

How to contact us

We are located just a few blocks from the famous South Street Seaport in the Wall Street district of Manhattan. If you wish to take the subway you may use the following: A, C, J, M, 2, 3, 4, and 5. Broadway/ Nassau is the stop to use. Sometimes the stops are changed so if it appears unclear please ask the conductor.

Should you wish to drive in to see us the easiest way is to take the West Side Highway to Vesey Street. If you are coming from uptown make a left onto Vesey. If you are coming from downtown make a right on to Vesey. Then proceed on Vesey until you come to Broadway. In front of you and toward your right is Ann Street. Go down Ann Street and use the parking garage. There are also garages on Pearl Street and Barclay Street. All are a 2 block walk from our office.

Your schedule with us

Our office is open Tuesday through Saturday, by appointment only. We do have evening hours available, again by appointment only. In order to get the best results from your nutritional program regular visits are required. These visits are generally every 3 to 5 weeks. At these visits the nutritionist will ask you special questions and may perform various simple tests which will help us understand your progress. Many times your program will need to be adjusted as your body changes. This is the main purpose for follow-up visits.

Many times the tests we perform will reflect changes that you are not even aware of yet but that nonetheless indicate an adjustment is necessary. The success of your program depends on you being responsible and keeping your appointments. THERE IS A CHARGE FOR ALL BROKEN OR MISSED APPOINTMENTS. The office does require 48 hour notice in the event that you must change your appointment.

Consultations by phone

Michael Biamonte’s method and protocols are available only through our office. Michael Biamonte has developed an extensive training course which teaches his method. This course has only been available to the nutritionists who work in our center. There are no other doctors outside of our center who are certified in Michael Biamontes method. We specialize in clinical nutrition. Clinical nutrition is the application of nutrition to the patient based on his own chemistry. We rely largely on lab testing to determine exactly the nature of someone’s body chemistry. This is how we know what diet and supplements are right for someone and which ones are wrong for them. This makes it very easy for us to give you the right advise without you having to come into the office. All we need are your test results and to talk to you.

Because of this we offer consultations by phone. Our office has been doing phone consultations for over 10 years. It is a very well established, workable and easy procedure. Just call the office and schedule an appointment. Any tests that you need to do will be sent to you. You obtain the urine, stool, saliva or hair sample and mail it back to us or directly to the lab as required. If a blood test is needed we can work with your MD, Chiropractor, Acupuncturist or even a local lab and arrange for you to go in, have the test taken and the results sent to us. We always allow enough time for you to receive the test kits and mail them out so we will have your results in time for your appointment. When your appointment time comes, just call the office and you will be connected with the nutritionist. The nutritionist will explain the test results, the diet and supplements that you need to take. Copies of your supplement program, diet and test results can be faxed or mailed to you. Most of the supplements can be sent to you directly from our office or one of our labs.

So if you have found the information on our web site makes sense to you, don’t worry if your not in New York. Just pick up the phone and schedule a phone consultation!

Phone consultations are paid for using Visa, MasterCard or American Express.


New Fee Schedule as of January 2007

Brief Consultation Fee……………………………………………………………..$50.00
A brief consultation is generally less then 10 minutes and is scheduled in order to address, questions, concerns or new difficulties that develop between regularly scheduled monthly consultations.

Basic Consultation Fee…………………………………………………………….$95.00
The Basic consultation is generally more then 10 minutes or is used to go over major changes to the program, or to interpret the results of the Basic Home Test and adjust Phase 0-4 programs.

Basic Test Consultation…………………………………………………………..$135.00
The test consultation covers a major test other then the home kit and is used to create or adjust a phase 0-4 program. This can be used as a regular monthly consultation.

Restart Consultation fee…………………………………………………………$140.00
A restart consultation is treated like an initial consultation. This would apply to someone that has not done an appointment or service for 6months or more. All past data and the patient’s history since we last spoke to them needs to be reviewed during this appointment.

Extended Consultation……………………………………………………………$185.00
The extended consultation is generally more then 10 minutes and used to interpret 2 or more tests. This can take the place of a basic monthly consultation. These consultations generally require additional research or consultation with consultants at the lab performing the test or with “Nutritional Interpretations”, to take into account current program and health history.

Review Consultation………………………………………………………………$115.00
The Review consultation is used to review a major lab test between regular monthly consultations. These often require the same preparation as extended consultations.

Brief Review Consultation…………………………………………………………$60.00
this consultation requires similar but less preparation then the Review consultation and tends to be less the 10 minutes.

Report of Findings Consultation………………………………………………..$180.00
This is the second consultation done after the initial test results are received. The Consultation is generally 15-30 minutes. The initial program is explained and begun.

Initial Consultation………………………………………………………………..$250.00
At this consultation a review of past health and nutritional history is discussed. The necessary testing is explained and the proposed program is outlined. An initial program may be begun.

All fees are to be paid at the time of your visit. We do accept checks, American Express and Visa/Mastercard

Consent Form For Nutritional Program:
Please take a moment to read and sign our Consent Form.

It is understood by the undersigned:

1. We do not diagnose. Nothing we do or imply should be construed as such. We attempt to ascertain factors about your nutritional health.

2. We make no attempts to cure any “condition.” We make no claims or imply any claims that suggestions are given to cure any condition. We do not claim that any nutritional supplements such as vitamins, minerals, herbs or proteins will cure any condition, nor that its purpose is to cure any condition. Neither Michael Biamonte CCN nor his staff intends to practice medicine in any way.

3. We do not prescribe, nor do we treat disease. We do not attempt to interfere with medical advice in any way. We cannot advise you on your medication given to you by your M.D. or any other doctor. Please always ask your M.D. for advise on your medication.

4. Michael Biamonte CCN is not a medical doctor, nor does he portray himself as such. Michael Biamonte CCN does not treat or care for medical emergencies. I understand that if I am in great pain or discomfort, I should seek MEDICAL TREATMENT.

5. Certain persons considered experts may disagree with our conclusions concerning your nutritional health and the approach to rectify it, but our recommendations are deemed, nevertheless, to be of current nutritional interest and based on reliable, sound authority from respected researchers in nutrition.

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