Case History No.1

Case History no.1

This is the first of a series of articles written to give you real life examples of people who have been helped at our center. We will try to give a broad cross- section of cases so you can see the comprehensive care we provide for our patients.

The first case history selected is a typical patient of ours. She had candida, was relatively well informed about nutrition and had been on several supplements. Her main goal was to handle weight loss and psoriasis, and she also had digestive problems. She was trying to get pregnant and wanted to ensure that her body was healthy enough to have a baby.

During her first visit we did an extensive interview to learn her health history, symptoms and goals. Based on this data, we knew which tests to have run and what program to get her started on. We know that psoriasis is often caused by certain parasites that live under the skin and that it can also be linked to candida overgrowth. To find out what actually was going on, we had her do a comprehensive digestive stool analysis (CDSA) and a tissue mineral analysis (TMA).

The CDSA not only may uncover specific micro-organisms but it also tells us the footprints that these organisms leave behind. You see, specific parasite testing is very inaccurate and unreliable so, we do not depend on that alone any more (the CDSA is not a “parasite” test per se). In other words, a negative parasite test is not conclusive that the person is parasite free. The tissue mineral analysis (TMA) was ordered at this stage to see a) if this patient had any toxic metals such as mercury or lead and to determine her metabolic type. The metabolic type determines what diet is correct for that individual.

Even on her first visit we were able to get her started on a basic cleanse. This type of handling was fairly standard as we know that we must get the digestive system working efficiently and if there any parasites or candida these things MUST be handled first before any other supplements will work. In this case, we used two very simple but effective formulas. A parasite formula and a bowel cleanser. This cleansing program was done for a month while we awaited her lab results.

About two weeks after starting on this program the patient was having die-off reactions. In other words, her body was not eliminating the toxins as fast they were being released by the herbs that were cleansing her system. She had some diarrhea and nausea so she called the office for some direction on what she could do to alleviate these systems. I recommended she drink some peppermint tea for the nausea, drink some parsley “water” and eat stewed Granny Smith apples for the diarrhea. The patient also reported that the psoriasis was getting better.

Two weeks later the patient came in for her regular visit and the die-off reactions had subsided and her psoriasis was gone! She was amazed as this was a problem she had been battling for years and gotten no relief from traditional M.D.S. Needless to say, this patient was very happy about this!

By now we had her test results back. The CDSA was positive for candida (yeast), had moderate dysbiosis and signs of parasites. Her TMA showed higher than normal levels of mercury and, believe it or not, a FAST metabolism. The patient was surprised to see that as she had been having trouble losing weight. In fact, this is a common misconception. A person could have a fast metabolism and still have a weight problem! You see, there are many factors involved in the storing of fat and if there are other imbalances, a fast metabolic type will still gain weight. One difference between a fast and slow metabolizer is the areas of the body where the fat is stored. A slow metabolizer tends to store fat on the hips and thighs (about 80% of the population) while a fast metabolizer stores the fat on the upper body and abdomen. A well known example of this is Babe Ruth. The Bambino was known for his rather large midsection, yet he had a fast metabolism!

Based on the test results, we put this patient on what we call a phase I rotation. The first step in treating a person with candida and parasites is to use specific herbs that kill these micro-organisms in a fashion that prevents these creatures from building up a resistance to the things that are trying to kill them. In this case, we used the following supplements: Biocidin and Biotonic, AG Cidal, Citracidal and Spilanthes Supreme. These were specific for the unfriendly bacteria found in her stool sample. She stayed on the parasite formula, bowel cleanser and Skin Cap, and we gave her Chromium Picolinate because she was having sugar cravings and her TMA indicated a need for this mineral. It was recommended that the patient do this protocol for a month and come back with a first morning urine sample for us to test. We use the first morning urine to monitor a person’s progress through our programs.

At the next visit we would use her urine test and her verbal report to determine how to adjust her program. Our goal was to kill the overgrowth of micro-organisms as fast as possible so we could then set up her body to utilize nutrients properly, come into balance and lose weight.

During phase I this patient went through a lot of changes, which is good. We want to see change and that is one thing we use to determine if the herbs are working or not. When she came back she reported a lot of weird aches and pains and fatigue. But her skin was still clear! This was a pleasant surprise to both of us. We determined from her urine test, experiences on the program and how she was feeling that the patient reached a point of major stable improvement and was actually done with Phase I. This was after only about six weeks on the phase I rotation. This was good progress.

Next, we moved into phase II which consists of mopping up any remaining candida, fully cleansing the intestines and pulling out toxic metals. For this patient, we used two products on a rotational basis; Undecyn and Candicin as these are yeast specific for the intestinal tract. She was also given Citracidal as this helps kill organisms that cause skin problems. She stayed on Chromium and was given a B-vitamin, Inositol, for her sugar cravings. We also used three products to help support her liver. This was done as a set up to a mercury detox program because mercury gets excreted through the liver. The patient stayed on the bowel cleanser as this is a very effective bowel cleansing formula and the parasite formula as her urine showed she still had a tendency for parasites.

After a month on this program the patient said that she, “felt great” and that she had no more sugar cravings. She also reported that the fogginess, dizziness and headaches (classic candida symptoms) she used to get were gone! As we killed the candida overgrowth the body rebalanced and the patient felt great! Also, her psoriasis had not flared up. When she came back, we put her on friendly bacteria. This is only introduced once the overgrowth is gotten under control, otherwise it will not implant and that would not be an efficient use of this supplement.

Also, in an attempt to help accelerate the weight loss, we tried giving this patient something called Calorad, which is a collagen supplement that actually helps you lose weight while you sleep. Unfortunately, this patient could not tolerate the Calorad and had an allergic reaction to it. So, we were not able to use this as an adjunct to her main program at this time.

About a month later at her next visit, the patient felt really good, had high energy and no more sugar cravings. She also thought that she might have been pregnant. This was very good news as this was one of her major goals when she first came to us. Basically, this patient was done and in just three months! If she was pregnant we couldn’t do any more cleansing anyway so, we put her on a maintenance program based on her Tissue Mineral Analysis and she has been doing fine ever since.

This case is one of our classic examples of a person responding to a candida program. This patient got through phases I & II standardly with typical changes and improvements occurring along the way. This person got such rapid results because she dedicatedly followed the program, the diet and just standardly followed our protocols. She is now dong fine and does not have any of the problems than she had when she first came to us.

If you know anybody that suffers with candida, we do have answers. This is just one example out of the many hundreds that we have helped over the years. Every person’s program is different, as every person’s biochemistry is different. You don’t have to suffer any longer. We have the solution. Call the office, schedule an appointment and get on the road to more energy, better concentration and overall good health.

Keep well!