Cancer Research Update

By Michael Biamonte, C.C.N.

In my current research on cancer, we have confirmed 5 interesting things: 1. In all cancers, high amounts of propyl alcohol are present. 2. Most cases of cancer also have high mercury, high or low copper, low selenium and high or low iron. These are tissue levels only, not blood levels. So we are measuring storage. 3.All cancer cases have had evidence of parasitic infection by liver flukes, intestinal flukes or some other parasite. Great Smokies Lab recently sent me an abstract from a medical journal, which confirmed that certain parasites have already been implicated in some cancers. This is sensational because it is a confirmation of discoveries by other researchers. 4.Ortho-phosphotyrosine has been found elevated in all cancers. 5.Total protein and total globulin are usually elevated in the blood in cancer.

We have found that if the parasites and propyl alcohol are removed, the cancer progression eventually halts. However, the higher the level of mercury in the patient, the slower the shut down of the cancer.