Amy’s Personal Introduction

Hello, I am Amy Fox and I am going to be blogging here for Dr. Biamonte about my personal experience, as well as my personal understanding and insights I’ve gained from studying Dr. Biamonte’s work. I once made Youtube videos on candida and had a website called “Candida Hope” where I made two lifelong friends. When I first started out, I didn’t know why but my calling to speak about this subject matter felt so important, that my whole heart felt compelled to teach as much as I possibly could address about the subject matter. I felt very alone in my suffering until I virtually met people all over the world struggling with similar issues. This has, in my humble opinion become a quiet epidemic and it is my wish that more people learn about the underlying causes of disease.

I personally have been battling with candida after a roundabout of antibiotics since I was a child. As Dr. Biamonte has mentioned, I went to many doctors who denied the existence of candida and thought it was simply absurd to believe I had such an issue. It wasn’t until I started seeing Holistic Doctors and a Dermatologist that they agreed that this is one of my primary health concerns. After I was tested it was stated as fact.

After studying what Dr. Biamonte’s program was about, I decided to give it a try several years ago and do very much agree that it only makes sense that rotating the antifungals before the probiotics is the only rational way to go about candida elimination and restoration of the gut and the building of a healthy immune system. This approach is so specific and so dedicated to meet your own personal needs, unlike so many practices we see this day in age that are one size fits all.

The Biamonte approach to curing you from the root of the problem is so exact in measurement that I am very grateful at what the future holds in cleansing my entire system of the candida imbalance I’ve struggled with the majority of my life. I have so much faith in learning the ins and outs of candida elimination that I believe this is going to be a breakthrough in medicine, even when it comes to the understanding of cancer and how it thrives.

I hope that you will take the time to read the future articles I’m about to write; I had a successful period of about one year of healthy candida levels when I followed the Biamonte Method and lived a very healthy lifestyle, I wouldn’t trade that year in for anything in the world! I am here to write about how wonderful I felt when I stuck to two words: Self-Discipline. It became a rigid routine that I did everything in working order, my digestive system cleared up and I felt fantastic. Self-discipline became something that my mind no longer fought, rather enjoyed as my life became a constant rhythm in tune with mother nature. (If you can think of the rhythm or beat to your favorite song, then think of the rotation of the anti-fungals along those lines, it makes the thought of the work you’re about to do much easier).

Self-care is what is going to get you the results you want to see. Take care of yourself by not forsaking the root of the problem: ignorance we all face, until we have the willingness to learn how to outdo this parasite that turns our body into a wasteland if we do not retrain it. Do not think of it as your enemy, rather as something that has gotten out of balance and needs to be kept in check. Eat those veggies and drink that water, gather together now troops!