About Us

Everyone at The Biamonte Center is driven by a desire to improve the lives of our patients.

Our Patients

We know that you’re struggling and that’s why you’re here. Our goal is to have a healthy, educated patient. We want to arm you with a program and the knowledge to avoid future health issues caused by candida, a poor diet, micro-organisms or deficiencies.

Our Promise

We will be transparent in discussing your issues with you so you understand how your body works, ethical in prescribing treatments for you, and diligent in monitoring your program. We want you to live the life you should.

Meet Our Staff

Biamonte Center - Michael Biamonte

Michael Biamonte, CCN

Michael Biamonte is the founder of the Biamonte Center for Clinical Nutrition. As a 30-year practitioner, he is dedicated to improving the lives of his patients and helping them get back to living. He holds a Doctorate of Nutripathy and is a New York State certified Clinical Nutritionist. He is a professional member of the International and American Association of Clinical Nutritionists, The American College of Nutrition and is a member of the Scientific Advisory Board for the Clinical Nutrition Certification Board. He is listed in “The Directory of Distinguished Americans” for his research in Nutrition and Physiology.

Biamonte Center - Zaya Jacobs

Zaya Jacobs

Zaya is our Office Manager and joined our team in 2015. With an educational background in health and nutrition, she is passionate about holistic health and enjoys working with patients to improve their lives. She manages the day-to-day operations at The Biamonte Center, including appointment setting, customer service, and assistance with patient needs. An integral part of our team, Zaya looks forward to helping you with your health needs.

Biamonte Center - Cassandra Biamonte

Cassandra Biamonte

Cassandra is Michael’s daughter and joined the team in 2008 to cover a staff member’s temporary leave. She soon realized how fulfilling it was to help people make positive changes in their lives every day and has been here doing just that ever since. When she’s not at the office you can find her cooking, designing, writing music, creating art and making an effort to stay connected to nature while living in New York City and New Orleans.

We Can Help

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